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5 Unique Facts about Easter Festival & History

Easter Facts & History – Take any festival you will find it has its roots which can be traced back in religious history. And hence undoubtedly many occasional events that we celebrate the several parts of the world have been considered as largely significant among any religion. These important events have become most essential part of our lives which we celebrate with immense zeal and fervor.

The history of Easter festival is no different. The peaceful eve of Easter is one of the holiest as well as oldest festivals for Christian community people. The most interesting part of this annual celebration is the beginning of spring season and rebirth of their savior Jesus Christ. If you want to know more about this joyous festivity, the go through our article and explore more information about the history of Easter and some exciting facts related to it.

Easter 2018

Easter 2018

Facts about Easter Festival 

Being most important holidays of Christianity, the festival of Easter is celebrated with equal passion, happiness, and fanfare all over the world. However many of us are not familiar with some interesting Facts about Easter Festival. Do you know where the modern traditions of the festivities are come from? If not, then read out these below-provided Facts about Easter Sunday and have fun!!



  • The name ‘Easter’:

The religious holiday of Easter might have found its roots in ancient Christian traditions, but the name Easter itself comes from pagans. The word derives from the Anglo-Saxon word Eastre or Eostre which represents spring or dawn goddess. At a pagan festival celebrating the beginning of spring worshipped Eostre the German goddess of fertility and spring.

Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs

  • Easter Eggs:

Easter Eggs are most prominent symbols of Easter celebration which marks the new life and empty tomb of Lord Jesus Christ. Easter Eggs hunt and decorating colorful Easter eggs are most played and loved activity amongst all ages. Today, the modern custom is to include chocolate Easter Eggs and plastic Easter eggs with jelly beans.

  • Easter Bunny:

A Rabbit or Easter Bunny is known as the symbol of fertility and it was also called as the earthly symbol of goddess Eostre. As per the legend, the symbolic figure Easter Bunny lays eggs and brings gifts and put them into a basket and then hide them somewhere in home or garden arena for children to find them when they wake up in the Easter morning.

Easter Bunny

Easter Bunny

  • The tallest Easter Egg:

One of the largest Chocolate Easter eggs was made with 10.39 m tall which weighed around 7,200 kg. In the year 2011, it was made in Italy. While, the largest decorated Easter egg made in Portugal, in 2008.

  • The ancient origin of Easter:

The event of Easter has a long history associated with it which particularly evolved from many pagan symbols. Roman Catholics mixed the celebration of Jesus Christ’s resurrection with spring fertility rituals for making Christianity more attractive to other religious people.

Easter Facts

Easter Facts

Easter History

Easter history associated with a wide range of entertaining rituals and details since pre-historic time. The origin and history of Easter date back to the pagan period. According to the old mythology, the occasion of Easter was earlier celebrated as a spring festival by ancient Anglo-Saxon who also called pagans in order to commemorate their springtime and offspring goddess Eostre.

When the 2nd century Christians arrived in England they used to celebrate all these pagan festivals as a tool for pagans to Christianity. Later on, the Christians church converted the pagan festivals from the observance of the spring season to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. In 325 AD the date for the Easter also changed by the church and since then Easter was celebrated on the very first Sunday following full moon or after the vernal equinox.

Since then the holy season of Easter is celebrated on different dates in many parts of the world as it is a moveable feast. In the present times, the Easter symbolizes renewal, rebirth, and rejuvenation of all livings on the universe.

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